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We offer the following services.  Please click here to see our standard terms of business.


We negotiate deals and contracts for our clients from start to finish, including broadcaster commissioning agreements, co-production agreements, collaboration agreements, development agreements, talent agreements, access agreements, format licences & shopping agreements, option agreementsdistribution agreements, merchandising agreements and licensing agreements.  We have experience of dealing with all the major broadcasters.



Not all companies or organisations have a permanent Commercial Director.  For them, we are able to offer the strategic, commercial, business development and deal-making expertise that a Commercial Director would provide.  Those companies or organisations might be broadcasters, established production companies, start-ups, digital companies, other content creators or talent agencies.  They may also be brands, media agencies, sports bodies or charities with TV needs.  



We advise television executives on their employment, freelance or other executive contracts, and can represent them in the negotiation of these contracts.  These deals can take many forms, ranging from conventional employment arrangements with complex bonus provisions to label deals and start-ups.

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